Taskforce recruitment for eee2017

The eee-days is the annual career fair arranged by LundaEkonomerna at Lund University School of Economics and Management. The 33rd edition of eee-days will be held during 22nd-23rd of February 2017.


eee2017 committee is now recruiting coordinators and members to the Task Force Team. As an Assistant you will work closely with the committee before and during the eee-days. We are recruiting following positions to the team.

Speakers Assistant

We are looking for an individual with a strong sense of responsibility and drive to be a part of the eee2017 team. As a Speakers Assistant you will work close to the Speakers Coordinator with picking the right speakers for the fair and will have the opportunity to greet them at the fair. You will assist with booking transports, scheduling lectures and be in charge of everything surrounding the lectures. Your workload will increase close to the fair and during the fair you will be in charge of the staffers meaning your ability to manage the staffers will play an important role in how our guests experience the eeeLectures. We are looking for a person who is service minded and has a great eye for details!

Information Assistant (4 positions)

We are looking for four assistants who will assist our Information Coordinator before and during the fair. Your task will be to either help run the Information Desk or to assist in the Career-interview process. Before the fair your task will be to help prepare the interview process, matching CV:s with company requests and organize the schedules. This is an excellent opportunity to get a first-hand view of a recruitment process and make valuable contacts for the future. During the fair you will either manage one of our service desks and provide visitors with important information or you will manage the career interviews, both with staffers as helpers. The workload will at times be high. Therefore it is important that you are an organised, positive and service-minded person who is comfortable in leading your assigned staffers.

Staff Assistant

As a helping hand to our Staff Coordinator your main tasks will be assisting in the recruitment of staffers, who will make sure that everything run smoothly during eee2017. Also, together with our Staff Coordinator, you will be planning the lunch that is held for staffers and visiting companies during the eee-days.  The committee is looking for you who can keep calm in stressful situations and love engaging others!

Transport Assistant

We are looking for an energetic person with good communication skills that loves orderliness and deliveries on time to our project team. This is a role that consists of responsibility of the transport during the fair. Your job will be to make all the transports for company representatives as well as speakers work as smooth as possible.

Sponsoring Assistant (2 positions)

We are looking for two creative and service minded persons who will work alongside the Sponsoring Coordinator and be a part of the Task Force Team of eee2017. Before the eee-days the position will include contacting companies regarding the sponsorship of products, services and marketing. During the fair you will help running the goodie bag distribution and the organization of the cafes. You will have contact with a lot of interesting companies and developing your business contact skills. Previous experience in sales is an advantage but not essential.

Photo and Video Assistant

As the Photo and Video Assistant, your main responsibility will be to document the fair, but documenting will also be an important part of the other different events of eee2017. Apart from this, helping out with marketing projects (such as photo/video shoots) will be an important task. We are looking for a creative perfectionist who isn’t afraid of handling both social and stressful situations. It is an advantage if you have previous experience with Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Lightroom and Video-editing programmes.

Communication/Marketing Assistant

As the Communications/Marketing Assistant your main task will be helping out with the handling  and designing of documents and presentations that will be delivered to the different participants of eee2017. Also, one of your responsibilities will be doing final adjustments to big design projects such as the eeeBook. We are looking for an organized person with an eye for details, who understands the importance of branding. It is an advantage having worked with design before and have experience of both Microsoft Office and Adobe-programmes, especially InDesign and Illustrator.

Fair Assistant (4 positions)

We are looking for four outgoing and positive persons, preferably with leadership experience, who wants to be part of the team that will organize the fair during eee2017. Together with three other Assistants you will work closely together with the Fair Coordinator before and during the fair. The tasks include planning and organizing the fair, as well as leading staffers during the building process. The workload will be high, and the fair intense. To make everything work, we need a person that is great at organizing, motivating people and can handle stress,

Events Assistant (2 positions)

We are looking for two outgoing and driven event coordinators to help create the fantastic events connected to eee 2017. The two of you will be working close to the two Events Coordinators and help them out with ideas, planning and making the events happen. The biggest events you will be working with are eeeBoost, eeeConnect and last but not least Pytten – Lundaekonomernas biggest event during the spring semester! We will also be planning and coordinating different pre-events and marketing events before eee 2017. If you are social, organized and outgoing with previous experience or an ambition to learn how to plan and coordinate events – you are the person we are looking for!

Press the ”Apply here” button below to fulfill your application. Don’t forget to attach your CV, and to apply before the deadline date, Sunday 23/10 23.59.

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